Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taking Off the Tag

Yesterday we received from Deseret Book the first draft of our upcoming book, Taking Off the Tag: A Transition Guide for Returned Missionaries. Many of you helped us with this book - with your comments, your ideas, your feedback, and your example.

We had originally titled this book, The Best is Yet to Come, but that title was not available (it was used a few years ago for a book about retirement...). But that is the key message - the best miracles, the best opportunities, the best experiences of your life lie ahead as you continue to build on the foundation you created on your mission.

Thanks for your help in making this book possible! We anticipate it will be available late summer 2015.


  1. Felicitats!! What an accomplishment for both of you. Can't wait to read it. Maybe I'll invest in that retirement book as well-- sounds intriguing!

  2. This is so exciting! I feel that the transitions in life are often the most trying and this book will help many, many returned missionaries! Thank you for helping me to create my foundation president! You all are the best!